Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Part of condominium management is handling paperwork, and mitigating risks. When looking for a condominium management company in Edmonton, you must ensure that the company is ready to provide these services to you at any point of the day.

More Property Management Inc. is a team of experts ready to provide complete administrative support to you for your condominium.

We can help you deal with the administrative aspects of owning condominiums by taking responsibility for managing suppliers, attending on-site meetings and providing all documentation needed to stay up to date.

Administrative services provided by our condominium managers include:

  • Handle and track homeowner’s phone calls.
  • Maintain and track correspondence from Board members, homeowners, contractors, and others as it relates to the Association.
  • Prepare for annual general meetings which include the compilation and preparation of notices, previous minutes, financials/year-end audit, proxies, ballots, agendas, and owner list.
  • Attending all scheduled Board meetings and assisting Boards in setting effective policies.
  • Mailing delinquency notices and reporting or pursuing appropriate courses of action on arrears, as per the direction of the board.
  • Assist the Corporation in the enforcement of the By-laws.
  • Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage as necessary and recommend changes and amendments.
  • Prepare appropriate documents to notify Alberta Land Titles office of board member changes.
  • Provide Boards with copies of all written correspondence sent on their behalf.
  • Maintaining the documents of the Corporation.
  • Look after audit reports.
  • And a lot more.

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