Financial Management

Condo Contributions

Condo contributions for condominiums are an essential part of the process. We are here to help with this process.

We offer a full range of condominium management services to help you stay up to date with your condominium.

As experienced condominium managers in Edmonton, our team at More Property Management Inc. concerns itself with operating budgets, year-end statements, and projections, major component replacement decisions, etc. Monthly financials including bookkeeping reports are produced for the Board giving a month-to-month snapshot of the condo’s performance.

Some Of The Services We Provide Include

  • Preparing annual operating and capital budgets as well as tracking performance against budget in electronic monthly financial reports.
  • Budget Projection for a set period.
  • Payment of capital expenditures for replacements, additions, and major repairs.
  • Monthly financial reports, including balance sheet, income statement (budget vs. actual), tenant receivables, etc.
  • Reconciled bank statements each month.