From Our Loyal Clients

Bob Urban – Faculty Court President

We have been very pleased with Travis’s professionalism and diligence since he started a year ago managing our property. Travis has been successful in addressing several lingering issues in a expedient and professional manner that 3 previous property managers were never able to accomplish.

Travis has many great fresh ideas that have proved effective to get our property back on track. We looked forward to working with Travis for years to come.

Joan Boutilier – Hollick Kenyon Estates President

Our condominium hired More Property Management over a year ago. Changing management companies has been a great decision for us and we put them to work immediately cleaning up all the messes previous management left behind. We are much more organizing than ever before and that helps us provide greater communication with owners and residents in our building. He has set up regular preventative maintenance schedules that we feel will save us money in the future. Travis is energetic, hardworking, organized and honest. If you are looking for expert property management services I feel that they would be a great asset to your team.

Gary Kulak

Our condominium had to same property manager for over 30 years and decided to retire in 2021. Upon researching all the different property management companies out there, I as a board member, narrowed it down to two companies to present to the board for full consideration. What made the difference for Travis’s company over the other company was, how personable he was to talk to in person or on the phone. He took the time to come visit our building a couple times, to get to know some of the owners and ask questions both ways before even being hired.

Since one year is gone by now, Travis has pointed out other companies that he is dealt with in the past and has a good working relationship with. Our board decided to look at the companies that we are currently using compared to companies that Travis has been using, and for the most part once we have switched over to other companies, our service has been superior, costs have been the same or lower over the long run, and most importantly items that need to be dealt with, are being dealt with in an efficient manner.

I would recommend your condo board looking at More property management, if you’re looking to make a change, as Travis gets to know the board, and treats the building like a human client, with care, not just as a job.

Victoria Gates condominium Association

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