Condominium Management

Condominium Management

Our condominium management agents take care of everything.

We provide condominium management services tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive service provides you with regular inspections to ensure the property is secure and well cared for. This can include organizing cleaners, staff, and management of redecoration or condominium works where required.

No matter what you are looking for in Edmonton, More Property Management Inc. is here to provide efficient and comprehensive condominium management services.

Efficient Condominium Management = Complete Peace Of Mind

Whether you are looking for services for a large investment condominium portfolio or for townhouse complexes, More Property Management can provide customizable support and assistance to you. We provide complete solutions that take away the stress of managing and safeguarding your condos while maintaining them at their best.

We understand the value of a well-managed condominium. It can lead to longer occupancy of condos and in turn, help maximize your return on investment. Our dedicated condominium manager will be on-hand to offer individual support to deliver the best possible property asset management for you and your potential buyers.

Our condominium management services include, but are not limited to:

  • On-site weekly visits
  • Monthly property management reports
  • Use of company boardroom for meetings
  • Information on the new Property Act
  • Deposit collection and holding
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance
  • Dealing with insurance claims
  • Financial monthly Bookkeeping reports
  • Arranging inventories
  • Availability 24/7 to all owners and residents
  • Notices to owners and residents
  • Attend 10 meetings a year plus 1 AGM
  • Keyholding
  • Financial monthly Bookkeeping reports

Get Started

At More Property Management Inc. we realize that you have to earn people’s trust and invariably action speaks louder than words. Let’s strike a conversation to build a relationship that will work for you. Give us a call on and explain to us what kind of condominium management service you are looking for.